Anodyne Therapy System

We are excited to inform you that we are using an exciting new technology called the Anodyne ® Infrared Therapy System with our patients. This infrared therapy assists in reduction or elimination of pain and faster healing of all types of wounds, injuries and surgeries. In addition, excellent clinical outcomes have been demonstrated with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) including restoration of sensation. The Anodyne ® Therapy System has been cleared by the FDA and has been used safely on thousands of patients for over 7 years for reduction of pain and increasing local circulation.

The Anodyne ® Therapy System uses monochromatic infrared energy (MIRE) to increase local circulation and reduce pain by releasing nitric oxide (NO) from red blood cells. Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator. The localized release of NO improves nerve function and is also an important for growing new blood vessels and skin cells necessary for wound healing. Low levels of nitric oxide and poor nitric oxide levels are common in patients with diabetes and are recognized to be major contributing factors in the poor microcirculation, numbness in the feet and legs, foot ulceration and pain of DPN.

The outcomes that we have been achieving in our facility include:

  • Improved wound healing in chronic non-healing wounds
  • Faster healing and prevention of pressure ulcers
  • Potential to prevent amputations in diabetic patients
  • Faster healing of all types of injuries and surgeries
  • Better pain management
  • Reduction in pain medications
  • Improved contracture management
  • Restoration of protective sensation in diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • Improved gait and balance with potential to reduce falls due to DPN and arthritis pain

Anodyne ® is non-invasive, drug-free and safe. When we use Anodyne Therapy, patients experience a comfortable warmth. If the therapy pads feel too hot, let your doctor or therapist know and we will adjust the power settings. This warmth and the infrared light itself help us reduce pain and increase circulation to injured muscles and joints. This increased circulation decreases swelling and normally speeds recovery. There are no known adverse events or drug interactions. Sometimes the therapy leaves a pink area or pink dots under the therapy pads after treatment. This is normal due to the blood vessel dilation and should disappear after an hour or so. At our facility, we use the Anodyne along with other modalities like ultrasound, electrical stimulation and iontophoresis as well as manual therapies to speed recovery from injuries and reduce pain. Please inform us if you have an active cancer, as this therapy may not be appropriate for you.

We are pleased that you have chosen us to assist you. If appropriate for your condition, we will use Anodyne Infrared Therapy in our best efforts to improve our results. Use of Anodyne Therapy, like other therapies we use, is not 100% effective in every case. If it is not effective for you, we will appropriately discontinue its use.

Anodyne is a non-surgical modality and is for multiple conditions. Its main use is for Diabetic Neuropathy, however it may also be useful in Peripheral Neuropathy, Bursitis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuritis, Synovitis, Cellulitis, Ulcers, Neuralgia, Tarsal Tunnel, Edema, Sprains and Strains. It may also be useful in reducing Post-0p swelling, Adhesions, Scarring.

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