Flat Feet Podiatry Treatment

Eliminate Pain From Flat Feet


Believe it or not, the shape of our feet have an sharp effect on the level of foot pain that we experience on a daily basis.  Over 60 million Americans have flat feet and in many cases, their shoes are not providing them enough support and contribute to intense and chronic foot pain. 


At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman focus on helping people with flat feet eliminate the foot pain that they experience on a daily basis.  The foot pain caused by flat feet can lead to many extreme foot conditions such as fallen arches, bunions, and hammertoes.  There are a few things that you can do immediately that will ensure you prevent these problems if you have flat feet. 


The first thing is to see a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule your consultation today!  Your podiatrist will examine your feet fully understanding your foot condition as flat feet is a type of foot deformity.  The podiatrist, understanding your case, will then recommend and provide advice on how to limit daily foot pain. 


Custom Orthotics


For example, there are two things that you can do right away to decrease foot pain.  The most important is to get yourself a pair of custom orthotics.  The podiatrists at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists will custom make a pair of orthotics for you that fit specifically to your feet and properly align to your walking pattern giving you the maximum amount of support while walking.  


All regular shoes have a generic insole.  These insoles are made for a normal average foot and therefore, are actively hurting your feet and can very well be the cause of all your foot pain.  My patients are surprised and amazed at the difference they feel after wearing their orthotics for just hours.  It really does make that big of a difference. 


The next thing to do is get shoes that fit your feet and are comfortable.  Many people work, exercise, and walk around in ill-fitting shoes.  The shoes are either too flimsy, too narrow at the toe-box, or put added pressure on the feet like with high-heels.  One of our podiatrists will help you understand what shoes will best fit your feet. 


Schedule Your Consultation Today!


The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have two locations in Phoenix.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule your consultation today!  Foot pain doesn't have to last forever!


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