Hammertoe Corrective Surgery

What is a Hammer Toe And A Mallet Toe?


hammertoe and a mallet toe are two types of bone deformities.  These deformities aren't a problem unless one develops painful discomfort, often from the growing of corns and calluses because of the pressure's put on the toe.


A hammertoe occurs when the middle joint of the toe forces the toe to bend downwards towards the floor and a mallet toe occurs when the joint at the top of the toe forces the toe to bend downwards.   Both a hammer and a mallet toe are most common in women as they can easily form due to uncomfortable footwear that narrows the toe box and puts pressure on the toe's to curl like with high-heels.  


Besides uncomfortable shoes such as high-heels, hammer and mallet toes can be caused by a trauma to the foot such as stubbing your toe making it easier for the toe to develop a bend. People with nerve damage in their feet and toes such as diabetics are also prone to developing hammer and/or mallet toes.  


When Should I Get Treatment?


The best thing to do is see Dr. Erotas as soon as you notice any discomfort due to the bent toe.  Through treatment, we can stop the pain from becoming worse by relieving pressure.   


The first methods of treatment is too both protect your feet and treat the corns and calluses directly.  To protect your feet, a change in footwear is often recommended, something that is more comfortable and doesn't put stress on the toe regions. 


When you come into the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, either Dr. Michael Stegman or Dr. John Erotas will treat your corns and calluses directly either by minimizing them through methods like shaving or by providing you padding protection to ease discomfort.  


Hammertoe Corrective Surgery


If this condition becomes too painful and cannot be treated with conservative methods, hammertoe surgery may be necessary.  With over 30 years of experience with hammertoe surgery, Both Dr. Stegman and Dr. Erotas are confident they can relieve the pain and discomfort of a hammertoe through the use of this common surgery. 


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