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Heel pain can be caused by a heel spur, which is a calcium deposit or bony outgrowth protruding from the underside of the heel bone.  Heel spurs are diagnosed after being visible on an x-ray and can extend forward as much as a half-inch. 


Some heel spurs cause pain while others don’t and podiatry treatment is only required if you are having pain, though, implementing a few foot care strategies will likely prevent the onset of any future foot pain.  Heel spurs become especially painful when associated with a foot condition like plantar fasciitis.  Heel spurs are risk also for people who spend most of their day on their feet.


Podiatry Treatment 


The first step toward pain relief is to see a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  You can schedule your appointment at either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry location and one of our podiatrists will create a specialized treatment plan according to your feet and your lifestyle to decrease the inflammation and pain you experience on a daily basis.  


One of the most powerful treatments to relieve foot pain is to make sure you are wearing the correct footwear.  This includes having both custom orthotics, which are made by one of our podiatrists and the correct shoes.  If your foot pain is associated with plantar fasciitis, it is likely that you have either flat feet or high-arched feet. 


Choosing and wearing sneakers without knowing if they are specifically made for high-arches or flat feet can leave you at a risk.  If you have flat feet but are wearing shoes for the average arch or high-arched foot, then these shoes can actively harm your feet. 


We will recommend to you the best type of shoes to wear that will support your feet, not harm them.  The in soles of shoes are also generic, made for the average arch.  Unfortunately, if you have high arches or flat feet, then these in soles can also be harming your feet.  


podiatrist in our office will create a custom made pair of orthotics made specifically to match your foot type and walking pattern.  These orthotics provide tremendous support and are usually a big part of the solution when healing foot pain.  


We guarantee that we can help solve this problem of foot pain and with our treatment and advice, you will get better.  We have helped patients for over twenty years heal from heel pain.  


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