How To Get Rid Of A Foot Wart

Remove A Foot Wart


Warts can be quite irritating especially when painful.  They are also highly contagious and can multiply, spread to other body parts, or spread to another person.  For these reasons, we recommend beginning wart treatment as quickly as possible and visiting either our Sun City podiatry office orScottsdale podiatry office, especially since oftentimes, over the counter medication fails to kills warts.


A wart on the foot is called a plantar wart and is one of several soft tissue conditions that can appear on the foot.  All warts are fed by a virus and can appear anywhere on the skin and at any age.  Almost everyone will at one point or another in their lifetime get a wart.  


The Life Of A Wart


The virus that causes warts usually invades the skin through a small cut and the plantar wart can be contracted by walking barefoot on a dirty surface where the virus is lurking.  When the wart is left untreated, it can grow to an inch or more in circumference and spread into clusters, which are called mosaic warts.  These warts are spread when touching, scratching, or coming in contact with skin shed from another wart.  Warts can also bleed creating another route in which the wart can spread.  

Sometimes, warts will disappear on their own but if it has been a few weeks, it is time to see one of ourpodiatrists for treatment.  Most warts are harmless but some are painful when pressed upon.  They can be especially painful when on the bottom of a person’s foot since the person will consistently step on their wart.  This occurs often when the wart is on the heel or ball of the foot and can be a source of sharp, burning pain.  


You can tell a wart is a wart often by spotting tiny black dots all over the wart.  These are blood vessels that the virus uses to feed the wart and keep the wart alive.  Home care or self-treatment is generally not recommended and over the counter medications contains chemicals that will destroy normal skin cells.  Self-treatment should be especially avoided for people with diabetes as the chance of an infection is too great to risk.  


It is wise to come into the American Foot and Ankle Specialists and have a consultation with one of our podiatrists who inform you and treat your wart.  There are various treatments that help warts disappear quickly and reliably.  Some common treatments include freezing, wart removal, and laser removal.  


We look forward to helping you get rid of your wart.  You don’t need to spend months worrying if this wart will spread.  

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