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Orthotics Are Fantastic!


What if I were to tell you that one simple and comfortable foot device can eliminate all of your foot pain.  Is this something that you’d be interested in?


I have treated patients for over 30 years and there is one strategy that has worked over and over to help patients ease constant foot pain, easily handle long hours on their feet, and exercise without a complaint.  This device is a foot orthotic and it is very powerful.  



The Problems With Your Feet Is…….


The shoes that you are wearing now are probably fine but the shoe inserts are definitely not.  These insoles were made as a generic insole to fit a generic foot.  They are not molded to an individual foot and as a consequence, offer little support for your foot’s constant and ever-changing movements. 


If you have flat feet, high arches, or suffer from a foot condition such as bunions, heel pain, or plantar fasciitis, these insoles may actually be harming your feet.  Whats more is that if you stand on your feet for long hours such as during exercising or at work, your current insoles offer very little foot support.  They are not shaped to YOUR foot but to everybody’s.


How Do Orthotics Take Away Foot Pain?  


They match and align specifically to your feet and coordinate with your walking pattern.  Every step that you take you will have infinitely more support and this means that your feet won’t get overworked.  You can be on them longer without the stress that causes foot pain.   


At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, a podiatrist creates an orthotic mold of your feet and sends it out to be made by one of our facilities.  You can then pick it up within a few days.  


Getting your orthotics done by a podiatrist ensures the orthotic is perfect for you rather than an orthotic that is store-bought like at a pharmacy.  


Our patients are always wowed, amazed, and surprised at the difference they feel when wearing them.


Schedule A Consultation Now!


Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman have treated patients for over 20 years working out the best ways to treat foot pain and prescription orthotics are often the first solution that suggested.  


Call 480-483-9000 and schedule a consultation to get orthotics today!  Often, foot orthotics are covered by insurance and if not, we can offer you a great price!  


The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have locations in both Sun City and Scottsdale, AZ.  Call 480-483-9000 now! Same and next day appointments are often available. 


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