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Correcting Heel Pain


Either through overuse or a traumatic injury, the onset of heel pain can develop effecting the way we walk and our ability to perform tasks each day.  Fortunately, with the help of a podiatrist, heel pain is treatable.  


Most people undergo heel pain at least once in their lifetime and normally heel pain falls under a few of these common causes. 


  1. Plantar Fasciitis -  The plantar fascia band connects the base of the heel to the toe box.  It is a large tendon located at the bottom of the foot.  Sometimes overwhelmed, either through intense activity or trying out something new, the tendon becomes inflamed and painful making it extremely difficult to walk.  
  2. Heel Spur -  Heel spurs are common.  They occur as a calcium deposit hardens at the base of the heel bone and sticks out of the bottom of the foot.  It rubs up against the shoes causing friction, redness, swelling, and pain.  
  3. Flat feet or High-arched feet - Everyone’s foot is shaped differently but shoes have a generic in sole that is supposed to support a generic foot not the individual foot.  In this way, long hours on one’s feet or even just regular walking can cause tremendous foot pain.  The answer to this problem is simple.  Wearing prescription orthotics designed to specifically fit your feet and your feet alone allow you to walk and be on your foot for long hours without foot pain.  
  4. Trauma -  Another cause of heel pain is a trauma.  This may occur when you bang your foot causing a bruise and swelling.  This type of injury is healed after a few weeks when the tissue repairs itself.  

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The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have locations in both Sun City and Scottsdale, AZ.  Both Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas have treated patients as a foot doctor for over 25 years and are confident they can help cure your heel pain. 

The reason our practice has been around for so long is because we focus on our patients' satisfaction.  We don’t quit until the treatment you need cures your foot problem and we make it our responsibility that you live a life free of foot pain. 

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By Michael Stegman



This Is Why You Are Having Foot Pain......


There are many foot condition which require the use of prescription orthotics to relieve severe foot pain.  In ordinary store-bought shoes, the in soles located inside one's shoes are there to provide padding for your foot while you walk and move around.  They are a key aspect of a comfortable shoe and comfortable walking and are a separate part from the shoe itself. 


The problem is that these in-soles are generic, made for the masses, to fit the average foot in order that the shoe works well for the most amount of people that buy it.  In this way, the most amount of people will then be able to buy the shoes. 


In actuality, everyones’ feet are shaped differently.  Like fingerprints, all feet are different. For many people, generic in-soles work fine to provide a comfortable shoes but for people with flat feet and high-arched feet, these in-soles provide little support because they do not align to the shape of the foot. 


One is walking uncomfortably on in-soles that don’t match up with the shape of one’s foot and as a result, foot pain comes quickly and remains constant. If you are suffering from foot pain, even just a small amount of pain, and have a flat foot or a high-arched foot, it is important to see your podiatrist immediately and get yourself a pair of custom orthotics.  


Custom Orthotics Can Help You Relieve Foot Pain


Orthotics can make a major difference in one’s life.  Imagine never having foot pain again instead of having it everyday.  It’s hard to realize but foot pain is NOT normal.  


The orthotics that we make at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists also match your specific walking pattern making you more comfortable with each stride.  


Over 20 years as a podiatrist, I have had thousands of patients try orthotics and the majority are amazed and surprised at the difference they feel when wearing orthotics.  There is no more foot pain and this makes life much better!


Orthotics Prevent Foot Damage In The Future


Orthotics are great for preventing common foot conditions as well like bunions, hammertoes, and heel pain because your feet are getting the maximum amount of support possible while you are wearing your shoes.  Orthotics are great for exercising and playing sports too. 


For people with foot conditions already, orthotics help in the recovery by giving your feet the space and comfortability to heal without the added pressure and stress of walking in an uncomfortable environment. 


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In many cases, orthotics are covered by your insurance and if not, we can arrange a great price for you.  Orthotics are worth a try, especially if you have flat or high-arched feet. 

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By John Erotas

By Michael Stegman
December 08, 2014
Category: orthotics
There are more tools than ever today to help us achieve our goals.  As a Sun City podiatrist, my focus is helping my patients alleviate the causes of their foot pain.  
Many people do not know that if you have flat feet or high-arched feet, the orthotics that come in store-bought shoes may actually be causing foot pain.  These generic insoles are designed for the mass population but do not provide foot support if your feet differ from the norm.
Many people that have flat feet or high-arched feet are extremely surprised to find that once they switch over to custom orthotics, their foot pain virtually disappears.  This is because you are now getting the maximum possible support for when you walk and stand and you also are not getting hurt by insoles that fit someone else’s foot type.  To get orthotics in Sun City, there are two places you can go to.   
The places that you can receive custom orthotics are either from a podiatrist or from a machine at the pharmacy.  As a Sun City foot doctor, I highly recommend against this machine.  It does not calculate the entire measurement of your feet and therefore, the orthotics it recommends will not give you the maximum possible support.
At our Sun City podiatry office, not only are our orthotics the same price as the one’s from a machine but are also normally covered by your insurance.  The first thing that you can do is make an appointment with either Dr. Michael Stegman or Dr. John Erotas at our Sun City office. Next, we’ll take a cast using a special ceramic mold.  â€¨â€¨This cast is sent directly to one of our partner companies, where it is made into your custom fit orthotics.  You can then pick them up a few days after your appointment.  
The American Foot and Ankle Specialists is located in Sun City, AZ.  It is an extremely good idea to wear orthotics if you have flat feet or high arched feet and will drastically reduce the foot pain you are experiencing.  Without proper protection, simple foot pain can lead to further problems such as bunions, achilles tendinitis, and heel pain.  Call 623-977-8388 and schedule your consultation today or click here!  Same and next day appointments are often available.  
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