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As a diabetic, preventative foot care is essential to maintaining health feet.  An amputation is serious risk and as a podiatrist, I help my patients avoid this problem.  If you already have an amputation, I can help to keep your feet healthy without the need for even further amputations. 


There are a few strategies that can help you all but guarantee healthy feet as a diabetic.  The first thing is to make sure you are wearing proper shoes and supports.  In many cases, diabetic orthotics are free.  As a podiatrist, I recommend that all of our diabetic patients come to us so we can advise them about which shoes and orthotics to wear. 

The orthotics in store-bought shoes are generic and can actively harm a variety of common foot shapes including flat feet and high arched.  As a diabetic, the goal is to avoid any potential harm to the feet that can spiral out of control and lead to a serious foot infection. 


Next, it is essential to see us at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists at least once every two months for a check up.  Here, we will be able to spot any foot problems early and treat it so again it doesn't get out of control and lead to an infection.  


Podiatry Care


If you do see a foot problem, see us for treatment.  Treating a seemingly simple problem yourself does have the risk of making the foot issue worse, which is why we recommend a professional, or a podiatrist, to apply treatments for every level of care.  


Our Scottsdale podiatry and Sun City podiatry locations are both available and you can choose which treatment center based on where you live.  


Another important strategy to keep your feet healthy is to check them everyday for cuts and sores.  Sometimes, diabetic neuropathy, which leads to feet numbness, blocks the pain of foot injuries and a person doesn't spot the problem until it is too late.  By actively checking your feet everyday, you can spot a problem quickly and then come to us for treatment. 


It is beneficial to wash your feet everyday with warm water.  This way any cuts you do have will be cleaned reducing the chance of an infection.  Also, when you are walking around, make sure to wear socks and shoes.  Going barefoot increases the chances of an injury like stubbing your foot or stepping on something. 


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