Plantar Fasciitis/Arch Pain Treatment

Treatment For  Arch Pain


A painful crunching of the arch is usually plantar fasciitis on some level.  Most of the time it disappears within days but sometimes it remains because of continuous and repeates stresses.  Such new intense pressure temporarily causes an inflammation of the tendon like band.


A simple solution is often wearing custom-made orthotics.  Usually covered by insurance but relatively inexpensive, orthotics produce a comfortable walk reducing 50-100% of current foot pain.  


Plantar Fasciitis treatment demands a knowledgeable podiatrist who can provide expert advice.  Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman have helped patients in Phoenix for over 20 years at their locations in Scottsdale and Sun City, AZ.  We ensure our patients care by being confident that not only do we diagnose the level of injury accurately but also provide treatment the fastest and healthiest way possible.


Treatment Without Surgery


Other than orthotics and comfortable shoes, wake anti-inflammatory medication and in pro-longed cases, injection treatments can be used to stimulate recovery.  Never go in for surgery unless you have tried a number of non-invasive treatments.  


The Phoenix foot doctors of The American Foot and Ankle Specialists understand the treatment that will rehabilitate this problem.  First, minor treatments will most likely improve pain and then it is a matter of time, icing, comfortable shoes, and orthotics.


The important part about seeing a podiatrist is that the best ones steer you into the correct patterns that ensure recovery such as which shoes to wear, if you are currently doing anything that is hindering recovery, and if you should make lifestyle changes that can drastically reduce the amount of foot pain you experience. 


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