Podiatry Care For Diabetics

Diabetic foot care is one our main specialities at theAmerican Foot and Ankle Specialists.  As a podiatrist, I help diabetic patients prevent severe foot complications that lead to amputations or if one already has an amputation, how to further keep the foot healthy.


Maintaining foot health as a diabetic is essential to prevent amputations and disability and seeing a podiatrist regularly, at least once every two months, is necessary to ensure any hidden problems are observed and treated.  At the same time, there are a few things that you can do at home to make sure your feet remain healthy. 


One thing is to check your feet every day for cuts and sores.  Some diabetic patients suffer from diabetic neuropathy.  This is a numbness or tingling of the feet.  If you are experiencing these sensations, please let me know at your next office visit.  This numbness or tingling hides pain signals leaving cuts and sores to go unnoticed. 


Check Your Feet


Unnoticed cuts may eventually result in an infection and an amputation.  Checking your feet consciously will allow you to catch any problems and then seek out treatment before an infection occurs.  Importantly, if you do find a problem, even if it is just a hang nail, get treatment from us at either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry office.  


Any mistreatment may make the problem worse than it already is making it more difficult to treat and increasing the chances of an infection.  Again, if you see a problem, do not treat it yourself and make an appointment to see a podiatrist for a foot problem that you think you have.


Also, each day, wash your feet in warm water.  If you do have a cut or small wound, washing your feet everyday will remove bacteria that may cause an infection.  Washing your feet protects you from dirt and bacteria.  


Make sure to always wear shoes when walking around the house or outside and avoid sandals.  Walking barefoot can lead to a cut or foot issue because one can stub one’s toe or cut their feet by stepping on something.  Always wearing shoes protects your feet against such potential cuts.  


We these few strategies that are simple to apply you can avoid many potential threats to your foot health.  Make sure to see a podiatrist regularly and if you spot a problem, don’t treat it yourself.   


As a podiatrist, I have implemented diabetic foot care with great success for over thirty years and deeply understand the importance of constant check ups and preventing potential problems through the guidance of a trained podiatric professional.


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