Achilles Tendinitis and Different Treatment Methods


Achilles Tendinitis Treatments


Achilles Tendinitis, though extremely pain, is an injury that rapidly gets worse without treatment.  One of our podiatrists will figure out the cause and help you treat them pain.   Achilles Tendinitis usually begins as a mild ache behind the ankle and with continued use, the pain becomes worse. 


One of the risk of Achilles Tendinitis is that without treatment, the achilles tendon can rupture.  This rupture is not only excruciatingly painful but also requires surgery and a long and painful rehabilitation process.  Getting treatment from one of our podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists will help your prevent this tragic outcome. 


The Achilles Tendon is a thick band of connective tissues that connects the heel to the calf muscle.  With a sudden increase of activity or muscle tightness, the achilles tendon will begin to exhibit signs of inflammation and as a result, pain.  

The first thing to do is loosen the calf muscles and the achilles tendon to reduce tightness.  In some cases, this is enough to give the Achilles Tendon the environment that it needs to heal itself.  If the pain persists, it is time to schedule a consultation with one of our podiatrists.  


Wear Protective Support


The first step is to determine if you are wearing the correct shoes.  Many people suffer foot problems just because they are wearing shoes and orthotics that do not support their foot type and even actively harm their foot type.  Custom orthotics ensures that your feet will receive the maximum amount of support while walking and we will make sure that you have shoes that support not hurt your feet.  


You may want purchase a night splint and wear this splint 15 minutes a day before bed.  This splint stretches the calf muscles before bed automatically and can tremendous improve upon the tightness that may be one of the main causes of your Achilles Tendinitis.  We may also recommend to you some exercise to strengthen the ankle and it’s surrounding muscles. 


Our main goal is to both heal your Achilles Tendinitis and prevent any further damage that may lead to a rupture.  With over thirty years of experiences, we have helped thousands of patients overcome severe foot problems and they continue to return to us when they even think they might have a foot issue because we show them that we deeply care. 


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By John Erotas