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Severe pain at the back of your ankle can be confusing.  What is causing this pain?  If you did not roll or twist your ankle, this pain is most likely due to a common foot condition known as Achilles Tendinitis.  


The Achilles Tendon is the largest tendon in the entire body, running from the calf muscles to the base of the heel.  The foot being constantly active, the achilles tendon is always working.  Often, after trying a new sport, or raising one’s exercise level, it is possible to overwhelm or overwork this tendon causing inflammation (swelling) and pain. 


This is called achilles tendinitis and can involve tremendous pain and prevent one from doing their normal activities.


Causes Of Achilles Pain 


The causes of Achilles Tendinitis include:


  1. A sudden increase in activity or intensity that affects the achilles tendon. 
  2. Tight Calf Muscles 
  3. A bone spur which rubs against the tendon causing inflammation


While Achilles Tendinitis is treatable by a podiatrist, it is important to seek out treatment right away.  There is a risk that the tendon can rupture if continued strain is put onto it.  


Symptoms You May Have 


There are several symptoms that allow you to detect if you indeed have Achilles Tendinitis and need treatment such as:


  1. Pain and stiffness in the back of your ankle
  2. Pain along the tendon which only gets worse after doing activities
  3. There is severe pain along the tendon after you exercise, especially the day after
  4. There is swelling at the back of your ankle (you can notice the difference by comparing both ankles)
  5. The tendon is thickened or seems thicker.


Various achilles tendinitis treatments are used to quell this pain and relieve the condition.  The keys are often rest and comfortability.  This means ice to decrease swelling and rest.  No overdoing it when on your feet and stopping immediately if you feel pain.  


Creating a comfortable and protective environment for your foot is also essential to heal this condition and this includes both comfortable shoes and custom orthotics.  Don’t wear dress shoes that tightly squeeze the feet while walking. 


A cortisone injection may be helpful to alleviate some pain and swelling as well as anti-inflammatories.  


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You are at greater risk of a achilles rupture, which is a major injury requiring surgery.  Therefore, it is recommended you see a podiatrist for treatment and stay away from activities that put strain on your feet.  This means staying away from your current sports or exercise that you may be participating in.  

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By Michael Stegman