Achilles Tendinitis Treatment in Phoenix, AZ


Achilles Tendinitis Treatment 


Achilles tendinitis is simply an overuse injury of the Achilles Tendon.  If you are experiencing pain at the thick band of tissue behind your ankle, it is possible that you have Achilles Tendinitis.  Pain typically starts as a mild ache in the back of the leg after exercising or walking and episodes of more severe pain may occur as the Achilles Tendinitis progresses.  


You might also experience stiffness or tenderness, especially in the morning.  A real risk of Achilles Tendinitis is that by not doing the correct treatment plan right away, it can become progressively worse and then one rigid movement can cause the tendon to tear.  Then you have a big problem that will most likely require surgery. 


Beware Of A Potential Tear 

This is why we recommend that you come in for treatment at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  A podiatrist in our offices will examine your foot and provide both the treatment and advice you need to make sure your Achilles Tendinitis gets better and does not lead to a rupture.  


Treatment include icing and over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen to reduce swelling.  Also, very important is to make sure you are wearing the correct footwear.  Each of us has a differently shaped foot and in many cases, people wear shoes that do not match their foot type.  Also, the in soles of each shoe are made for a generic foot and not an individual foot, which could lead to the progression of Achilles Tendinitis. 

During your visit, we will determine the best footwear possible for your foot condition and custom make you orthotics.  Custom orthotics fit specifically to your foot type and provide the maximum support for your feet while walking.  


With mild stretching, exercises, and the correct footwear, most Achilles Tendinitis symptoms will clear up in a manner of weeks.  If after several months, the more conservative don’t work or your tendon has torn, you may need surgery to repair your Achilles Tendon. 


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At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, we make sure each one of our patients is satisfied with their treatment and is put on the right path toward healing their foot pain.  We guarantee that you will get the treatment you need leading to the relief of your symptoms.  Our Scottsdale podiatry and Sun City podiatry offices are both available for you to schedule your consultation.   

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By John Erotas