Ankle Injury Treatment In Phoenix, AZ


How To Heal Your Ankle 


Ankle sprains occur when you least expect it.  Just a simple misstep can roll the ankle to a point causing a sprain, weakness, ligament tears, and swelling.  Once an ankle sprain occurs, the key is to heal the ankle without sustaining further injury and for this reason, healing an ankle sprain is extremely tricky.   


At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, our podiatrists not only show you how to heal your ankle sprain quickly but also how to strengthen the ankle so you don’t sustain another injury.  Chronic ankle sprains are common and we make sure our patients do not fall into this trap. 


If you have just sustained a sprain, the first thing you will want to do is lie down, elevate your foot, and ice your ankle.  Icing your ankle will reduce inflammation and thereby, reduce a significant amount of the pain you will experience.  Icing should be applied at least three times a day for the first week.  


Preventing Further Injuries


As mentioned previously, the key is to prevent further damage to your ankle.  So next, if you cannot walk without pain, make sure to wear crutches until you can walk comfortably.  Also, you will definitely want to wear an ankle brace if you are walking without crutches. 

An ankle brace is key to our patient’s healing process.  They restrict the movement of the ankle and therefore, make it extremely difficult to re-injure the ankle.  Providing important support, ankle braces are essential during recovery.  


Anti-inflammatory medications such as Tylenol or Advil will also help to decrease pain and inflammation after the injury.  


The symptoms of an ankle sprain are usually quite clear.  Your ankle will start to swell immediately and it may bruise.  It will be tender to the touch and hurt when it moves.  In more sever sprains, you may hear or feel something pop or snap.  Usually, the more pain and swelling you have, the more severe the ankle sprain is. 


One advantage of scheduling an appointment with one of our Sun City or Scottsdale podiatrists is that we will provide an x-ray for your foot to determine the severity of your sprain.  This way, we can check that you do not have any fractures and it is just a sprain that you suffered.  


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Ankle sprains are usually minor injuries that take around six weeks to heal but without proper care and treatment, you can end up unnecessarily furthering the ankle damage and prolonging the recovery period.  This is why it is essential to see us at either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry office.  We guarantee that we can help you heal this injury in a matter of weeks. 


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By John Erotas