Ankle Sprain Failure - Immediate Treatment



At least once in a lifetime, we are likely to roll or twist an ankle.  The trick is to understand how to treat it so that it both heals and doesn’t occur repeatedly.  The ankle is very weak when it is injured and if not healed properly, you can keep re-injuring yourself ending up with chronic ankle sprains.  In order for this not to happen, there are a few simple treatments you should use.   


How To Treat An Ankle Sprain


If your ankle is swollen and black and blue, this is normal.  The first thing you want to do is rest, elevate, and ice your ankle.  Ice your ankle every at least 4 times each day for the first week for twenty minutes at a time.  The decrease in swelling helps to heal the ankle quicly and decreases the amount of pain experienced.  


If you cannot walk on your ankle without extreme pain, make sure to use crutches in order not to further damage the injury.  Also, essential while the ankle is healing, is to wear a restrictive ankle brace.  An ankle brace restricts the movement of the ankle so that a quick movement will not further damage the tissues inside the ankle.  


How Long Does An Ankle Sprain Take To Heal?


An ankle sprain usually takes 4-6 weeks to heal but afterwards is very weak.  The ankle has to balance the entire body and any sideways movement has a higher risk to re-twist.  The best way to stop an ankle sprain from happening again is to strengthen the ankle and it’s surrounding muscles. 


One can do this in physical therapy or by working out at home.  Strengthening the muscles will keep you supported, preventing a further sprain if you should take missteps while walking, which we all do in life.  


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The first thing we will do is take an x-ray of the ankle to make sure it is only an ankle sprain and not a fracture.  By doing so, we will be able to determine the best treatment for you that will not only heal your sprain but also prevent any further and future complications from arising.


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By Michael Stegman