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Medical Advice For A Sprained Ankle


The ankle is the structural base of the body.  One of the most common injuries that I see in my office is an ankle sprain.  It is pretty easy to take a misstep and roll your ankle.  If you are reading this article, than you probably did just that. 


With an ankle sprain, the muscles, ligaments, and possibly tendons are torn or partially torn causing the ankle to swell and show a black and blue.  If you have these symptoms, this is a normal part of a sprain.  


Here’s what to do immediately after a sprained ankle.  First, of course, get off of your feet and rest.  Next, take an anti-inflammatory that will relieve some pain and swelling.  Elevate your foot and put ice on the injured area.  Ice is crucial because it minimizes swelling allowing the ankle to recuperate faster.  


Ice your ankle once every 3 hours for 20 minutues.  Make sure to rest as much as you can in the first few days and wear your most comfortable shoes. 


Protect Your Ankle To Prevent Further Damage


For many ankle sprains, it may be extremely difficult to walk afterwards.  If you cannot walk without extreme pain, then definitely use crutches to move around.  You don’t want to risk further damage to your ankle.  With a mild sprain, you can get away with walking around with a ankle brace but wear an ankle brace either way if you have a mild or severe sprain.  


An ankle brace restricts the possible movements that your ankle can make and therefore, makes it almost impossible to further injure your ankle.  An ankle brace is very important to wear continuously (except when sleeping) while your ankle is healing. 


An ankle sprain takes approximately 4-6 weeks to heal.  You should definitely come in to the American Foot and Ankle Specialists and see our Sun City and Scottsdale podiatrists.  We will provide an x-ray that confirms the sprain and we will know it isn’t a more severe injury like a fracture.  We can also provide custom orthotics that provide the maximum amount of support for you while walking.  


Strengthen Your Ankle After It Heals


One of the most important things that you can do for a sprain after it heals is too re-strengthen the ankle.  This is one of the largest causes of chronic ankle sprains that many people suffer from.  What happens is that they get a sprain, the sprain heals but then do not re-strengthen weak ankle muscles.  


The ankle supports your whole body weight and balance.  The muscles need to be strong to not re-roll on any little bump in the road.  Make sure to do exercises several times per week to strengthen your ankle. 


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By Michael Stegman