Ankle Sprain Treatment In Scottsdale, Arizona



How Long Does A Sprained Ankle Take To Heal?


Most ankle sprains heal naturally in 4 to 6 weeks.  As soon as one experiences an ankle sprain and it’s subsequent pain, see your podiatrist immediately to diagnose the level of the sprain, provide treatment, and prevent further injury that will increase the length of the recovery period.  


What Does An Ankle Sprain Look and Feel Like?


Ankle sprains are extremely common, especially among athletes.  They normally include:


  1. Bruising around the ankle (black and blue).
  2. Swelling
  3. Mild to severe pain.
  4. Difficulty while walking.
  5. Instability of the ankle.  



  1. Rest is key to the ankle’s recovery.  It gives the ankle a chance to heal without adding extra traumas or stresses.   If you are experiencing pain while walking, try to stay off of your feet as much as possible.  Also, if necessary, use crutches until you can walk with an ankle brace and limited pain. 
  2. Ice- decreases swelling. 
  3. Compression of the ankle.  This includes either taping or wearing an ankle brace that will restrict the ankle’s moveability and therefore, the chances that it will incur any further damage. 
  4. Anti-inflammatory medications to help decrease pain and swelling. 
  5. Strengthening and stretching exercises to help rehabilitate the ankle.  This is very important to prevent further injuries to the ankle. 
  6. In rare cases, if the ligaments and tendons are torn beyond natural repair, surgery may be required, though in most cases, an ankle sprain will heal naturally.  


When To See A Doctor


As soon as you experience pain, one should immediately see their doctor or podiatrist.  The podiatrist will provide tests such as x-rays to determine the level of the injury, such as the level of the sprain and whether or not it is a fracture.  


Once diagnosed, a podiatrist will provide the treatment and guidance necessary to heal your ankle and prevent any long-term complications from the injury.  


American Foot and Ankle Specialists


The American Foot and Ankle Specialists are located in Scottsdale, AZ and our doctors, Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas, treat patients regularly with mild to severe ankle sprains.  We can help you decrease the pain and provide treatment so that not only does your ankle sprain heal but also you will not be prone to future chronic ankle sprains, which is popular with this injuy.  


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By Michael Stegman