Ankle Sprain Treatment In Sun City, AZ
An ankle sprain can be just treacherous.  After rolling or twisting your ankle, it may appear both swollen and black and blue with extremely sharp pain.  Please don't worry, this is normal and the best thing you can do now is a series of small steps that will help diagnose the problem correctly and give your ankle the greatest space to heal. 
Firstly, I recommend seeing a Sun City podiatrist immediately and here is why.  The first thing we will do at our office is give you an x-ray.  We want to find out if your injury is indeed an ankle sprain and not something worse like a fracture.  Once we have properly diagnosed the ankle as a sprain, we won’t have to do any casting and can move on to the proper treatment plan. 
As you are home reading this, there are a few things that you can do before your appointment. 
1. Ice your ankle.  Icing will help relieve pain as well as reduce swelling of the ankle.
2. Rest.  Rest your foot as much as possible.  The less pressure and strain that your ankle undergoes the better.  We not only want to give your ankle a chance to rest so it will heal heal but also so you don’t damage further a weak ankle. 
3. If you need to, you should use crutches.  Don’t just walk on your feet if it is extremely painful.  You can risk further injury.  The best thing to do is put as little pressure on the foot as possible.  Use crutches if you can'y walk without tremendous pain. 
When you are seen by a Sun City foot doctor, you will most likely receive two things that will greatly help in the recovery of your ankle.  First, we will provide you with an ankle brace.  This ankle brace restricts the small possible movements of your ankle limiting the chance it has to be injured or damaged. 
Next, we’ll fit your for your own pair of custom orthotics.  These orthotics provide maximum support for you while you are walking, relieving the tension that your ankle feels.  If you have an ankle sprain in Sun City, call 623-977-8388 today and schedule a consultation!  
The American Foot and Ankle Specialists is located in Sun City, AZ.  Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas have extensive experience treating severe ankle sprains.  Call 623-977-8388 and schedule a consultation today at our Sun City podiatry office!  Same and next day appointments are often available.