What I Should Do About A Sprained Ankle


What I Should Do About An Ankle Sprain

Twisting or rolling your ankle can occur quite frequently and when it does, it is best that you know how to both treat your ankle and prevent it from further injury.  First, see if you can walk on your ankle.  If there it too much pain, immediately get off of your feet, rest, and apply an ice pack.  Make sure to ice your ankle at least three times per day for at least 20 minutes each time.

An ankle sprain means that you have stretched and possibly torn the ligaments in your ankle.  The body needs time to heal these ligaments without any added stress or pressure.  If you cannot walk without foot pain, it may be helpful to use crutches.  

People who have repeated ankle sprains can develop long-term joint pain and weakness making it essential to properly treat one’s sprained ankle the first time. The things to do while your ankle is painful and swollen is to relieve pressure, stress, and inflammation.  Stay off of your feet as much as possible, wear comfortable shoes, apply ice to decrease inflammation, and use crutches if necessary. 

If needed, a pair of prescription orthotics will provide extra support to your foot’s environment.  Another crucial thing to use is an ankle brace.  Wearing an ankle brace will restrict the movements of your ankle making it very difficult to worsen the ankle injury.  Using an ankle brace is essential to the recovery of an ankle sprain.

One of our Scottsdale podiatrists can provide all the materials you need to properly and quickly heal an ankle sprain.  One of the best ways to prevent chronic ankle sprains in one’s life is that after suffering an ankle sprain, once it heals for several weeks and begins an exercise regiment that strengthens the muscles surrounding the ankle. 

One’s muscles are extremely weak after an ankle sprain.  This means that one will not have the same balance that they once had around their ankle, which can easily lead to future ankle sprains.  This is one major reason why people develop chronic ankle sprains in the first place. 

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By Michael Stegman