Bunion Care and Treatment



Congratulations to the Oscar winners!  “Birdman” won best picture, it truly is a one of a kind movie.  Many of the actresses looked so beautiful in their dresses and high-heels as they strolled along the red carpet.  


Many celebrities and glamorous figures like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes wear high-heels and also have a bunion.  High-heels actually do not cause bunions.  But high heels do aggravate and excerbate bunions due to their pointed toes and it is one of the reasons why women suffer from bunions more than men.  


Do You Have A Bunion That Just Won’t Go Away?


We can help! The problem with bunions is as they grow, they progressively push into the side of our footwear causing friction, irritation, and therefore, pain.  A bunion is a painful swelling of the big toe joint and causes the big toe to push inwards toward the other toes and the joint to push outwards. 


Treatment Options For Bunion Pain


In many cases, a bunion and bunion pain can be reduced through a few simple steps.  One is to wear correctly fitting shoes that provide space and support for the toe-box.  This will take pressure off of the bunion and allow some of the swelling to go down.  Ice will help relieve swelling as well. 


The point in bunion care is to reduce as much pressure on the bunion as possible.  Getting special custom orthotic devices like prescription orthotics and shoe inserts will provide the foot it's much-needed support and bunion pads available to pick up at the pharmacy may also be of benefit.  


Anti-inflammatory medications help relieve some of the swelling and a steroid injection given by a podiatrist can also relieve pain.  If non-surgical bunion treatment does not help reduce the size of the bunion, bunion surgery, which is often successful, may be recommended by your Scottsdale podiatrist.  


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By John Erotas