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In most of our important activities, our feet are essential, especially for exercise, work, and fun.  Foot pain from a bunion is severely disabling.  Fortunately, by seeing a podiatrist, you can either eliminate a bunion with surgery or reverse the condition by conservative treatments.   
A bunion is a bony bump on the side of your big toe and forms as the big toe joint pushes itself outwards.  Bunions likely result from either arthritis, repetitive stress and trauma to the big toe joint, such as wearing improper shoes like high-heels, or inherited structural defects of the foot.  
As a result, a bunion forms, pressing against the side of one’s shoes, where one will experience irritation, redness, swelling and pain.  
When Is It Time To See A Doctor:
The best medicine is preventative medicine.  Seeing a Scottsdale foot doctor early can help you stop the bunion from getting to the point of needing surgery.  If you have persistent big toe pain or you are having difficulty fitting into your shoes, please see your podiatrist and begin treating the bunion.  
Various treatments include changing shoes, padding, prescription orthotics, medication, and ice.  Anything that alleviates the pressure on the bunion is a great step.  Big toe pain and restricted movement of the big toe are also signs that you should see a podiatrist. 

Early treatment will delay the growth of the bunion and therefore, the amount of pain and friction pressing against the side of one’s shoes.  Call a Scottsdale podiatrist today at 480-483-9000 and schedule a consultation!
The American Foot and Ankle Specialists, located in Scottsdale, AZ can help you alleviate bunion pain and reverse this condition.  If the bunion has grown past the point of repair, surgery may be necessary.  Surgical procedures are largely effective at eliminating the bunion by removing swollen tissue around the bunion, straightening the big toe, and realigning the long bone of the big toe that will, in turn, re-align the big toe joint.  
Call 480-483-9000 and schedule a consultation today!  Same and next day appointments are often available.