Bunion Treatment in Sun City, AZ
As a Sun City podiatrist, I focus on  bunion treatment in Sun City  to prevent the bunion from getting worse.  As the bunion develops and gets larger, it rubs against the side of a person’s shoes causing redness, irritation, and even painful sores.  This is why the focus is on preventative measures for bunion treatment and if the case becomes too severe, to the point where toe pain cannot be relieved, surgery may in fact be the best option.  
The question is now what can we specifically do to prevent the bunion from getting out of control.  The bunion develops from either hereditary characteristics, poor bone structure in the foot, or incorrect walking patterns derived from consistent stress and pressure on the feet.  To help you alleviate bunion pain, we focus on taking as much pressure as possible off of the feet so that the bunion stops causing pain and stops swelling.  

The first that you want to do is wear comfortable shoes.  Give your feet an environment of support, not stress.  Wearing high-heels squeezes the toe area and puts all the pressure of walking onto the big toe joint, which will push the bunion outwards.  The bunion is caused by the the big toe joint compensating for bad walking patterns, where the big toe joint pushes outwards to support your walking and the big toe itself pushes against the other toes. 
Wearing shoes with a flimsy front like what is common for runners puts additional stress on the toe box region adding to the work that the big toe joint has to do. The "name of the game" is protecting your feet so that you are walking correctly.  Coming into a Sun City foot doctor will show you exactly what to do to make sure you are walking in a way that takes stress off of the bunion.  
Besides wearing comfortable shoes, custom orthotics can do a tremendous amount to support and protect your feet.  Sun City orthotics fit specifically to your feet so that when you walk, your feet are constantly supported. Call 623-977-8388 today and schedule a consultation!
At American Foot and Ankle Specialists, Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas have extensive experience helping patients relieve the pain of a bunion.  Bunion treatment in Sun City is possible.  For a Sun City bunion, come into a podiatrist quickly, we’ll give you the correct guidance for treatment that will alleviate your foot pain.  Call 623-977-8388 and schedule a consultation at our Sun City podiatry office today! Same and next day appointments are often available.