Bunion Treatment

How To Get Rid Of Your Bunion 



Bunions are one of the most common foot conditions because in many cases, they develop from the type of shoes that we wear.  For example, women are more likely to develop bunions because of high-heels.  Shoes with a narrow and restrictive toe box squeeze the toes causing the joint inflammation that leads to a bunion. 


Bunions occur when joint inflammation causes the big toe to squeeze inwards and a bunion to form around the inflamed joint.  The real problem with bunions is that as they continue to grow, they can begin to rub up against the side of one’s shoes causing redness, swelling, irritation, and cuts.  These cuts can be extremely painful if constantly rubbed against and may even lead to an infection. 


There are several treatment methods that I implement as a podiatrist to both stop the bunion from growing and reduce the size of a bunion.  More conservative treatments including changing one’s footwear and bunion pads.   


Treatment Options 


By wearing the right shoes and custom orthotics, one doesn’t place unnecessary pressure on their bunion any longer.  The inflammation ceases and it stops growing.  Custom orthotics are made by me, Dr. John Erotas, specifically to fit your foot shape and walking pattern and provide the maximum amount of support for the feet while walking.  Making sure you have the correct footwear is also essential because comfortable shoes that fit your foot shape support your feet while others will hurt it worse.  


Bunions pads can be placed on the bunion to act as protection against rubbing and stopping this irritation decreases inflammation.  The combination of bunion pads, the right shoes, and custom orthotics can create a healthy environment for your feet.  Also, you may want to take anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling as well.  


Finally, there is the possibility of surgery.  Bunion surgery is a minor procedure but can have tremendous lasting benefits.  It is possible to re-align the big toe joint, remove bunion tissue, and virtually eliminate a bunion through surgery.  This treatment is very effective for quickly getting rid of a bunion. 


American Foot and Ankle Specialists with both a Scottsdale podiatry office and Sun City podiatry office in Phoenix, AZ have helped patients reduce bunion size and pain for over twenty years and we are always looking for the best possible bunion treatments available today. 


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By John Erotas