Call Today For Bunion Treatment
If the bunion on your foot has become very painful, it is time to see a podiatrist before your condition worsens.  Bunions are a bone deformity and do not resolve on their own.  They need particular treatments that help to relieve the pressure and irritation on the bunion.
A Scottsdale podiatrist will help to prescribe a bunion treatment plan that will allow the bunion to get better and relieve intense pain.  The reason it is necessary to see a Scottsdale foot doctor is that as the bunion worsens, one can develop other foot issues such as hammertoes, corns, and calluses that will cause irregular walking, cuts, and sores.
A bunion has to do with the enlargement of the big toe joint that pushes the bone outward and the toes inward.  Without treating this joint properly, this can lead to foot arthritis, or foot bursitis.  For severe cases, bunion surgery may be necessary to prevent progressive damage from the bunion.  
For Scottsdale Podiatry, the foot specialists at American Foot and Ankle Specialists can immediately diagnose the severity of your bunion and provide the right type of treatment that will relive pain and irritation and prevent the bunion from worsening.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule an appointment today! We have offices located in both Scottsdale and Sun City, Arizona.  
Come in for treatment before the bunion worsens, before the pain worsens, this is what us, as trained podiatrists recommend.  Did you know that the shoes you wear are one of the most determining factors for the growth of a bunion?  Tight, uncomfortable shoes like high heals put pressure on the toe joints and can cause them to inflame, enlarge, and force a bunion or Hallux Valgus (when the toes overlap).
Here are some treatments you will receive at American Foot and Ankle Specialists:
Advice on the right shoes to wear
Removal of corn and calluses
Night splints
Orthotics (helping to create comfort as you walk)
Topical medications for any current foot issues like cuts or sores
This problem is treatable but it has to be done now.  Call today and schedule an appointment at 480-483-9000, where either Dr. John Erotas or myself, Dr. Michael Stegman can help to relieve the pain you are suffering from due to a bunion.