Causes, Symptoms, Treatments For Bunions


Why Bunion Pain Starts


The medical term for a bunion is hallux values and symptoms include bone deformity, pain, and stiffness.  A bunion will continue to grow until a significant change in lifestyle occurs and if you are experiencing pain, it is time to immediately visit a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists. 


Bunion are particularly painful because as they grow, they rub up against the side of a person’s shoes.  This causes inflammation, redness, and tenderness.  After some time, cuts form on the bunion and the constant rubbing of the cuts causes tremendous pain and can even lead to an infection.  A diabetic needs to be particularly careful and come in immediately for podiatry treatment because an infection can result in an amputation.  


Reducing Bunion Pain


The way to decrease inflammation and stop the progression of bunion size is quite simple.  The first thing is to stop wearing shoes that squeeze your feet. Bunions are more common in women than in men because the prevalence of wearing high heels in our culture leads to the development of a bunion since high heels squeeze the toes so tightly together.  This squeezing is often the cause of joint inflammation and bone deformity.  


You can start of by placing a cold compress on the bunion to help decrease inflammation.  Bunion pads protect the bunion from rubbing up against one’s shoes and wearing wider, more flexible shoes will take much of the pressure off a bunion.  Changing one’s shoes to comfortable footwear will immediately provide relief but I suggest knowing which shoes to wear based on your foot type, which we can go over during an office visit.  


If you bunion has developed calluses, we can shave the callus to protect you against foot pain.  Importantly, our podiatrists provide custom-made, prescription orthotics to increase foot support while walking.  By relieving foot pressure, the bunion may stop growing altogether.  


When Conservative Treatment Doesn't Work


In cases where foot pain will not go away, surgery is recommended.  Bone surgery realigns, lengthens, or shortens the bone often getting rid of the bone.   It restores normal alignment to the toes, which relieves pain and removes unnecessary inflammation-causing tissue from the joint.  Surgery also can straighten your big toe stopping the protrusion of the joint.  


The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have offices both in Sun City and Scottsdale, Arizona.  Our specialists have helped patients for over two decades relieve bunion pain and we are confident that we can help you stop the progression of your bunion and provide you a solution to this painful problem.  


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