Correct Hammertoes With Podiatry Treatment

Hammertoe Treatment


Hammertoes are a bending of one or both of the toe joints in the toes.  If you toes are curled to the point where the front of the toe is touching and pressing against the floor, you may probably have a hammertoe. 


They usually begin as a mild deformity and then grow worse progressively over time.  In the earliest stages, hammertoes are still flexible and symptoms can be managed but if left untreated, they will become more rigid and may not even respond to non-surgical treatment.  This is why as soon as you notice a hammertoe, it is time to come in for an appointment at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  


A podiatrist at our locations will help you understand causes of your hammertoes and provide you the right treatment.  A hammertoe can be the result of an earlier injury or incorrect footwear that causes a joint deformity when the toe is forced into a cramped position.  Shoes like high heels or tight dress shoes often cause the trauma of the toe joints.  


Common symptoms include pain, corns and calluses, inflammation, a burning sensation, and curvature of toe.  Severe cases may cause open sores to form on the toe.  There are many non-surgical treatment methods we will implement in our office to stop the progressive nature of your hammertoe and decrease the pain you might be experiencing. 


These include padding corns and calluses to shield them from irritation and getting worse.  Changes in shoe wear might also be essential.  Avoid shoes with pointed toes and instead choose comfortable shoes that have a toe box that fits comfortably with your feet. 


A custom orthotic is usually key in helping provide the maximum support for your feet while you walk.  Injection therapy such as corticosteroid can help reduce the pain and inflammation that is caed by the hammertoe.  Anti-inflammatory medication may be recommended to reduce pain and inflammation.   


In some cases, a sever hammertoe may require surgery especially if it is causing consistent open sores.  


At our office, we will find out exactly what you need to treat this hammertoe before it becomes unbearable.  If the pain is great, we will provide treatment to ease and alleviate this pain.  Our satisfaction is guaranteed and our patients always leaving knowing they are moving in the right direction toward healing their feet. 


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By Michael Stegman