Custom Orthotics Made By Your Local Podiatrist

Custom Made Orthotics For Foot Pain



There are many different foot problems people struggle with during there lifetime but there is always one treatment that tremendously helps and prevents many foot conditions and this is custom made orthotics.  


The problem is that in soles in store-bought shoes are made for the generic foot.  Most people do not have generic average feet but their own specific foot shape.  Sometimes, this may be a high-arched foot or a flat foot.  For these types of feet, custom made orthotics is a necessity.  


When wearing store bought shoes with generic in soles, you could be actively harming your feet by wearing in soles that do not support your foot shape, movements, and walking patterns.  At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, as a podiatrist, I custom make your orthotics creating a mold that matches your specific foot type and walking pattern. 


Such a customized insert provides tremendous support to the feet as it fits perfectly to the way a person walks.  My patients are surprised and amazed at the difference in foot pain they feet as they have had foot pain for years and now because of orthotics, foot pain has disappeared.  


It is also important to wear the correct shoes.  Some shoes are made for specific types of feet and we will also go over in my office if your shoes are good for your foot type. 


You can choose either our Sun City podiatry office and Scottsdale podiatry office to have your custom orthotics made.


Heal and Prevent Foot Conditions


Some foot conditions that can be healed by custom orthotics include bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, general foot pain, and heel spurs.  In combination with podiatry treatment, orthotics act as support and relief to significantly contribute to healing foot conditions.  


You may have suffered from foot pain for years or maybe you have just developed a foot condition and need relief.  Custom orthotics are normally part of the solution and custom made orthotics by a podiatrist ensure you are getting the best possible produce.


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At our office, we guarantee that our treatments will work because we have been helping patients for over twenty years in our two Phoenix locations.  The orthotics bought at pharmacies or off of the shelf are not the same as custom orthotics molded to your specific foot type.  We greatly look forward to helping you achieve pain free feet!  


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By John Erotas