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Prescription Orthotics For Foot Pain


Prescription orthotics are perhaps the most powerful foot supporting technology simply because they align with both your foot shape and walking pattern.  As a phoenix podiatrist, I create custom molded prescription orthotics that my patients can rely on. 


Orthotics are usually part of the solution when treating foot pain and various foot conditions such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and bunions.  Orthotics are also one of the best proven strategies to prevent foot pain.  


The problem begins when someone buys a pair of shoes.  The in soles in store-bought shoes are flat, not made well, and made only for a generic “average” foot shape.  If you have either flat feet or high-arched feet, these generic in soles will actually harm your feet potentially causing a range of foot conditions and definitely causing foot pain.  


Our custom made orthotics are a combination of arch supports and in soles that slip into your shoes providing extra cushion and aligning to your foot shape and walking pattern.  If you have either flat feet or high arched feet, you will see an immediate difference when wearing them and notice that your foot pain is either gone right away or within days.  


Crafted to Your Lifestyle


We also craft your orthotics depending on your specific lifestyle.  For example, functional orthotics are used to control abnormal motions and decrease pain caused by abnormal motion.  They are semi-rigid and help to treat various injuries.  Another type of orthotic we make are accommodative orthotics, which are softer and provide additional cushioning.  They are great for foot ulcers or calluses.  Depending on your foot shape and complaint, we can craft an orthotics that will help your individual lifestyle. 


I have used orthotics for over twenty years to help treat foot problems in my office and clinical research studies definitively show that podiatrist-prescribed foot orthotics decrease foot pain and improve function.  Most often, prescription orthotics cost more than shoe inserts purchased in a retail store but they are well worth it.  Not only do they last for years longer but because they are made to your feet, the support is unmatched.  


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You will be surprised and amazed at the difference you feel when wearing our orthotics and we can almost guarantee that your foot pain will disappear within days.  The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have a Sun City podiatry and a Scottsdale podiatry location for your choosing.  


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By John Erotas