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How To Care For Your Feet As A Diabetic


Each of us must care for our feet to ensure a healthy lifestyle well into old age but for diabetics, foot care should be taken a bit more seriously.  Without preventative medicine and careful looking after of one’s feet, infections and amputations are common mishaps for diabetics. 


As a podiatrist, my goal is to help my diabetic patients maintain healthy feet both preventing infections and amputations.  A few simple strategies can be the difference between an amputation and having your feet well into old age.  These strategies work when my patients follow them. 


Protect Your Feet With These Simple Strategies

The first thing is to have regular check up appointments at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  You may choose an appointment at either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry location.  With a regular check up, our podiatrists will immediately spot any potential problems treating them before they get out of hand and cause an infection. 


The second thing to do is check up on your feet once a day.  By looking at your feet everyday, you can look for any potential problems, cuts, sores, wounds, or irregularities.  Afterwards, if you spot a problem, you can immediately schedule an appointment with us for treatment.  This way no problem goes unnoticed or ignored.  Importantly, if you spot a problem, do not treat it yourself because as a diabetic, this is extra risky if you do not treat the problem correctly.  


Thirdly, always wear the correct footwear and orthotics.  As a diabetic, you are eligible to have one pair of free shoes and orthotics each year.  We can show you what footwear you need to support your feet instead of harm it helping your feet maintain full health for many more years than if you were wearing incorrect shoes and in soles. 


By wearing your shoes and avoiding going barefoot, you are protecting your feet from stepping on something, stubbing your foot, or other injuries that are common when walking barefoot.  


Fourthly, wash your feet everyday with warm water.  Lets say you do have a cut and it goes unnoticed.  By washing your feet, you will clean any hidden sores and cuts wiping away bacteria that may have caused an infection.  


Many diabetic people with foot problems have diabetic neuropathy, which causes the feet to become numb and experience tingling.  In some cases, they can mask any pain from a cut or sore.  By getting regular check ups, checking your feet daily, and washing your feet you are helping to prevent an infection that may lead to an amputation.


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By Michael Stegman