Diabetic Foot Treatment in Phoenix

Maintaining Foot Health As A Diabetic




Protecting the feet of our diabetic patients is our highest priority at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  With our Sun City podiatry and Scottsdale podiatry office, we help patients in the Phoenix area to prevent future foot complications such as amputations as well as help our patients maintain their current foot health.  


There are many things a diabetic person can do to make sure that they both prevent complicated foot problems and maintain foot health.  One of which is to seek out the best support for their feet, which includes custom orthotics and the proper footwear.  


Custom orthotics provide the maximum amount of support for a person while they are accomplishing their daily activities because they are molded specifically to the person’s feet and walking pattern.  Generic in soles from store-bought shoes do not accomplish this same support and can even cause painful foot conditions.  Making sure the patient has the right shoes is important as well because many  shoes only work for specific foot types. 


Always Protect Your Feet


There are also a range of strategies that you should be implementing to maintain foot health and prevent foot problems.  This includes seeing one of our podiatrists at least once every two months.  A podiatrist will be able to detect any issues as soon as they occur and provide the right treatment before the problem gets out of hand.  Treating the problem early is essential to avoiding complications like amputations.  


For example, if one has a cut, they may not know about it because of the numbness inherent to diabetic neuropathy but a capable podiatrist will find and treat this problem immediately.  Especially if you have diabetic neuropathy, seeing a podiatrist once every two months is essential.  


Other daily strategies include washing your feet everyday to get rid of the bacteria on one’s feet that can lead to an infection.  Checking you feet everyday for cuts is important as well.  Seeing a cut or problem, you can then come in for treatment before the cut gains a potentially extremely harmful infection.  


Importantly, if you notice a problem, do not try and treat this problem yourself.  Treating it incorrectly can lead to a worse, more painful problem and a potential amputation.  Any problem you spot, come in for an appointment to ask us about it and receive treatment. 


The American Foot and Ankle Specialits have over two decades of experience helping our diabetic patients and we guarantee that you will receive the treatment you need to sustain healthy feet or manage a foot problem.  


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By John Erotas