Diabetic Road To Foot Health
By Michael Stegman
August 14, 2015
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Care For Your Feet 



As a podiatrist, I have a responsibility to diabetics to educate them on foot care.  One of the biggest complications in diabetes is an amputation, which is why it is vital to regularly see a podiatrist. Here is when to a podiatrist: 


1. Regular Check-Ups 


 1. Your podiatrist will examine your feet thoroughly each visit making sure no foot condition is hiding, especially when it is an easy fix.  Not noticing a foot cut as a diabetic is dangerous because an infection is detrimental and possibly disabling for a diabetic.  So what to do?  Don't get an infection and this can be accomplished often by regular visits to the podiatrist.  


2.  Cut or Wound Care. 


1.  Anytime you see something, do not try to care for the condition yourself.  You could only end up making it worse.  If you see a cut that is bothering you, schedule an appointment with your podiatrist.  This includes cutting your nails.  An mistake while cutting one’s nails could lead to a small cut that eventually becomes an infections.  Diabetics must take extra care whenever treating their own foot conditions and this is why it is important to leave such care to podiatrists.  


3.  Receive Expert Treatment and Care Advice. 


1.  A podiatrist will give you advice on how to prevent future foot problems.  This often includes wearing certain shoes and getting custom-made orthotics.  This may also include wearing certain socks that increase circulation.  


4.  Advice on Diabetic Neuropathy


1.  Diabetic neuropathy creates a numbness in one’s limbs including the feet.  If you have a cut and have diabetic neuropathy, you most likely will not feel the cut and therefore, not know that you have to see a podiatrist to treat it.  If the cut is left untreated, it can become an infection.


Schedule A Consultation Now! 


The best medicine is preventative medicine which is why coming into the American Foot and Ankle Specialists could save your foot.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule a consultation now! Same and next day appointments are often available. 


Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman have been in practice for over two decades because the American Foot and Ankle Specialists has the utmost focus on patient satisfaction and curing painful foot conditions.  This is why we are confident that as a diabetic, we can provide you the best treatment in Phoenix, AZ.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule a consultation now!


By Michael Stegman