Eliminate Toenail Fungus


Removing Toenail Fungus 


If you have yellow, hardened, disfigured nails, you are most likely suffering from embarassing toenail fungus.  It is vital to consult a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists to treat this nail fungus because of how contagious toenail fungus is. 


It can live in socks, shoes, and on bed sheets and jump onto the people around you.   Toenail fungus can be embarrassing to walk around barefoot or wear sandals.  Fortunately, by seeing a foot doctor, you can receive immediate treatment that will remove nail fungus.  


If you are diabetic, it is particularly important to receive treatment for nail fungus because hard, disfigured nails may cut the feet and lead to an infection.  Infection, if unnoticed, is the main cause of diabetic complications.  


Treating Contagious Fungus With A Podiatrist


Because the fungus is extremely contagious and can live anywhere, it is important to wash your bed sheets often, do not wear socks more than once without cleaning them, and sanitize your shoes.  Otherwise, fungus may keep jumping back onto your feet.  


Fungus lives in warm, moist environments like swimming pools and showers.  If using a public shower or public locker room, avoid puddles or wear sandals. 


Treatments found in pharmacies like CVS often aren't strong enough to quickly kill fungus and people often get caught in a cycle of treatment and re-infection.  It is best to use the medicine prescribed by a podiatrist because it kills fungus quickly.  


The first line of treatment is medicated nail cream, which you rub into your nails after soaking.  A more powerful medication applies an acidic solution to kill fungus.   


In more severe cases, Laser light therapies and nail removal may be used to remove fungus.  If your nail infection is painful, the doctor may recommend removing your nail.  


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Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman are both podiatrists with over 20 years of experience treating nail fungus and are confident that they can help you eliminate toenail fungus for good. 


As Phoenix based podiatrists, our sole focus is on patient satisfaction and curing patients of medical conditions that negatively impact their lives.  We look forward to helping you achieve healthy, clean, and attractive looking feet.  


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By Michael Stegman