End Plantar Fasciitis With Podiatry Treatment


Heal Plantar Fasciitis With Podiatry Treatment


Congratulations to Simone Biles who just won Gold at the all-around women's Gymnastic’s final in the 2016 Rio Olympics.  She is a high flying gymnast that sticks her landings more than any other gymnast in the competition.  Gymnastics is one of those sports where the hard landings easily lend themselves to foot injuries. 


One of the most common injuries that I treat at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists is plantar fasciitis.  This foot condition occurs when the plantar fascia band, located in the arch of the foot, swells and sometimes tears.  


My patients immediately notice a tightening of the band, calf muscles, and pain.  Once you begin to experience pain, it is time to schedule an appointment with us to stop the pain from getting worse.  As a podiatrist, I offer a range of plantar fasciitis treatments that serve to relieve pressure off of the plantar fascia band and significantly reduce pain. 


Correcting Your Footwear


The first step is to make sure you are applying the correct footwear everyday.  Everyone has a different shaped foot.  People with high-arches and flat feet consistently develop plantar fasciitis because the footwear they utilize actively harms their feet rather than supports it.  


Different shoes are made specifically for different types of feet but if you don’t know this fact, you could be choosing the wrong shoes.  At either our Scottsdale podiatry or Sun City podiatry office, we will discuss what type of shoes you need to wear everyday. 


Further, the in soles found in store-bought shoes may be hurting your feet as well leading to a plantar fasciitis condition.  These in soles are generic and do not provide adequate support for either flat feet or high-arched feet.  


Prescription Orthotics


One of the most consistent and reliable treatment methods is to fit your for prescription orthotics.  Custom orthotics, made specifically for your feet only, match your foot shape and walking pattern providing the maximum amount of support for your feet while walking.  Our patients are amazed at the difference they feel after just a few days of wearing our prescription custom made orthotics.  


After we go over the essential treatments to heal plantar fasciitis, we can also inform you on different home stretches, exercises, and routines that will accelerate your recovery.  For example, a soft tissue massage once a day is a great way to break up any scar tissue that is blocking the plantar fascia band’s ability to heal.


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There are many strategies we will discuss with you that will help you overcome this annoying conditions and get you on the right path toward recovery.  We guarantee that we can help you get healthy because we have been helping patients with this foot condition for over twenty years. 

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By Michael Stegman