Diabetic Foot Care Therapy For Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Diabetic foot care is central to our podiatrist practice at American Foot and Ankle Specialists, located in Sun City and Scottsdale, Arizona.  One area we focus on is treating diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
You may already be familiar with this term but if not, let me briefly explain.  Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a fairly common occurrence in diabetes and has to do with nerve damage that can cause certain uncomfortableness.
Those that suffer from diabetic peripheral neuropathy in their feet might experience symptoms such as:
-A tingling, burning sensation
-Numbness; you can’t feel cuts, sores, or typical pain in the feet.
-Difficulty walking
-Muscle weakness
-Loss of balance or coordination
-Foot problems such as pain, infections, and ulcers and not sure why.  
At our office, we use the latest state of the art technology to reduce, relieve, and reverse these symptoms.  One such treatment is known as Anodyne therapy or mild light therapy for diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Another proven effective treatment that we use in our office is Microvas therapy.  
A Scottsdale podiatrist or Sun City podiatrist at one of our offices will first diagnose the severity of your neuropathy and then treat it accordingly.  The great thing about these therapies is that they not only treat the symptoms but also reverse the peripheral neuropathy itself.  
Another thing about peripheral neuropathy is that if you have numbness in your feet, you may not know when a sore develops.  This is one of the leading causes of amputation in the feet for diabetics; not knowing one has an open wound and infection because of one's numbness.  
This is why it is crucia, beside Microvas therapy and Anodyne therapy, to consistently see a Scottsdale or Sun City foot doctor that will check your feet thoroughly inspecting them for cuts and sores.  This is the number one way to prevent infection and amputation, regular podiatry check-ups.   

Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas, with both a Scottsdale Podiatry and Sun City Podiatry office, have extensive experience treating and relieving the pains and symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Schedule an appointment today to be seen, examined, and treated.  Call 480-483-9000 today!