Foot Pain While Golfing or Playing Tennis In Scottsdale


Two favorite outdoor sports that will be enjoyed this summer has got to be some Tennis and Golf.  Getting on the course, with it’s serene-like surroundings and striking the ball with great distance is calming to say the least and tennis is so fun as one slide’s back and forth slamming the tennis ball across the court.  

As a Scottsdale foot doctor, it is my personal job to make sure your feet stay healthy so that you enjoy yourself while outside this summer and that if you do end up with a foot injury in tennis or a foot injury in golf, we can fix it right away to get you back to playing as soon as possible.


Having fun in Scottsdale means being on the golf course or tennis court as much as possible.  If you are having foot pain from golf or foot pain in tennis, here are some foot conditions you may possibly be experiencing.  


Ankle Sprain- An ankle sprain is a common foot condition in sports in general.  You may have rolled an ankle or twisted an ankle on the golf or tennis court causing bruising, foot pain, ankle pain, and an inability to even walk.


Treatment for ankle sprains include rest, icing, a brace, and make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes that gives your ankle room to breathe, which will help decrease swelling.  


Heel Pain- From over use, some people develop a small painful bump on the bottom of the heel.  This foot condition is known as Plantar Fasciitis.  Call a Scottsdale foot doctor at (480) 483-9000 to set you up with the appropriate treatment plan.  Custom made orthotics are useful in decreasing heel pain as they provide extra comfort for your feet. 


Tendonitis- This is another fairly common injury in golf or tennis.  This is where the tendon on the bottom of the foot is overused and as such, swells and causes pain.  Ice, rest, and orthotics will help make the foot comfortable and reduce swelling and pain.


The Scottsdale foot doctors at American Foot & Ankle Specialists have extensive training in treating sports-related injuries particularly with golf and tennis injuries.  Call 480-483-9000  today for an evaluation to see a Scottsdale foot doctor so we can get you on the recovery track and back to being outside and playing the sport that you love.   


By John Erotas