Foot Wart Treatment in Sun City, AZ
Are you trying to figure out if you have a wart on your foot?  This blog post will help you figure this out and what to do about the wart if you do.  
Well, what do warts look like?  Warts appear as a small fleshy growth, they can look like a small bump on the foot.  They may appear as hard, thickened skin, where the wart grows inward.
One of the most telling signs of a wart is if the bump has several tiny black dots on it.  These black dots are the blood vessels that feeds the wart.
Warts are the external representation of a virus that is located on the outer layer of the skin.  To treat the wart, one must kill both the virus and the wart.  
Warts are extremely common and it is believed that most people throughout their lives will at one point have a wart.  Many warts can be left untreated, where the wart and virus disappear on their own after several months.    If the wart has not disappeared after several months, over the counter medications may help treat the wart.  If the wart continues to persist, it is time to see the Sun City podiatrist as I can treat the foot wart.  
If the wart keeps you from doing normal activities, it is also time to see a podiatrist.    As a Sun City foot doctor, I will prescribe strong acidic medications that kill the wart and even prescribe medications that help kill the virus as well.  This way we are attacking both the wart and the cause, the virus, and helping to kill both will definitely eliminate your wart.   
The reason why it is important to take care of a wart quickly is two-fold.  One, we don’t want the pain to get worse and interfere with your life.  Second, we don’t want the wart to spread. Warts are highly contagious.  One minute, you may have a wart on your foot and the next minute there are two warts on your foot or even a wart on your hand.  Treating the wart as quickly as possible and as strong as possible makes sure the wart isn’t a long-term issue.
Warts can also spread to other people.  The longer you have this wart, the greater the chance that it can spread to someone you care about.  
A podiatrist will help you eliminate this nasty wart.  This is why it is good to come in for an appointment as soon as possible.  The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have locations in Sun City and Scottsdale, AZ.  Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman of the American Foot and ANkle Specialists both have extensive experience helping patients eliminate Plantar Warts.  Call 623-977-8388 and schedule a consultation today!
Let’s get rid of that unattractive wart asap!  Call 623-977-8388 today!