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Custom orthotics are one of the most important pieces of footwear that will protect your feet from pain and often helps our patients relieve their foot conditions.  Custom orthotics are vital to the environment of healthy feet because they provide the maximum amount of support while a persons is on their feet. 


Everyones foot shape is different and unfortunately, the in soles that come with store-bought shoes are generic.  They are made for an average, generic foot not an individuals foot.  Many people lean toward having high-arches or flat feet and generic insoles do not help this sort of foot.  In fact, generic in soles can even cause tremendous foot problems because they actively work against many foot types.  


Having custom orthotics made specifically to your feet by a podiatrist is the first step to alleviate foot pain and foot conditions.  After two decades of making custom orthotics for my patients, they continue to provide a solution for a wide variety of foot conditions.  Most of my patients are surprised and amazed at the difference they feel when wearing custom made orthotics.  


Relieve Foot Conditions, Pain, And Disability With Orthotics


Orthotics help foot conditions such as bunions, foot ulcers, heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and achilles tendinitis all because the foot is getting greater support.  They match up to a person’s walking patterns because they are custom to each individual.  A custom orthotic puts a persons feet in an ideal position while they are walking, pivoting, and exercising.  The orthotics at pharmacies do not offer this same type of support. 


Depending on your foot condition, we can alter orthotics to include foot cushions, arch supports and heel liners.  Bring your shoes to your appointment and we will also make sure that the type of footwear you are using also support your feet.  Some footwear only works for a specific type of footwear and wearing the wrong ones can one of the immediate causes of your foot pain.    


Podiatrists such as myself  provide accommodate orthotics that are softer and meant to provide additional cushion and support as well as functional orthotics, which are designed to control abnormal motion.  


The American Foot and Ankle Specialists with both Scottsdale podiatry and Sun City podiatry offices in Phoenix provide the best orthotics to help heal pain and prevent future foot problems.  If you are having serious pain or discomfort, it is time to see one of our podiatrists.


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By Michael Stegman