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Foot Wart Treatment


Everyone at some point in their life has a wart.  You don’t need to feel embarrassed because warts are extremely common.  What you do need is fast treatment. 


Warts are highly contagious and not only can easily jump from person to person but also grow new warts either around the current wart or on different parts of the body.  All it takes is a simple touch.  This is because warts are caused by a virus and it is the job of this virus to spread. 


Usually foot warts look like a small open bump and are sometimes painful when pressed upon.  Warts, if you look closely, have tiny little black dots on them.  These dots are blood vessels where the virus is feeding the wart through the blood.  This is why warts are so hard to kill because they are constantly being fed and made stronger by a virus. 


How To Kill A Wart

To kill a wart, it is important to both treat the virus and the wart.  This is done by anti-biotics or oover-the-counter medication to kill the virus and by various different medications applied to the wart itself.  


If over the counter wart medicines have not worked for you so far, it is time to see a foot doctor in either our Sun City or Scottsdale location.  This is because a stronger medication is needed to kill off the wart, which again is common. 

The medications we provide contain an acid that kills the wart over a few week period.  It is best to get the wart treated as soon as possible before it spreads and creates more warts making it even more difficult to treat.  The acid kills the wart while the anti-viral medication kills the virus.  


Our Locations In Phoenix


The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have locations in Sun City and Scottsdale, AZ.  Our podiatrists, Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas, are podiatrists with over 25 years of experience and are confident that they can cure you of your foot wart.  


If the new stronger medication doesn’t work, we can provide a simple procedure that cuts away the wart.  There are several different strategies we use to treat the wart and we will find the best one that works. 


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Our practice focuses on patient satisfaction, which is why we have been in business for over 20 years.  Our patients get success because we find the cures to their foot conditions fast and accurately.  We are looking forward to helping you get rid of this wart for good. 

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By John Erotas