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The common foot condition, warts, are not life-threatening but can be a real annoyance.  The two major issues with warts are that they are extremely contagious, meaning that you can not only spread them to other people but also other warts to pop up around your body, and warts may be painful, particularly in an area where their is pressure on them.
Foot warts appear to look as a dry blister or callus and mostly have tiny black dots on them that is blood vessels taking blood from the virus that supports the wart.  Warts on the feet, known as Planter Warts, may be painful as you step on them.  Sometimes warts disappear as fast as they arrive, sometimes warts can be treated by over the counter medication, but other the wart too powerful to be eliminated by simple over the counter medication and needs to either be removed by a podiatrist or treated with a stronger medication prescribed by a podiatrist. 

In this case, seeing a Scottsdale podiatrist may be beneficial to you.  Here, whe podiatrists at American Foot and Ankle Specialists have extensive experience helping patients to eliminate warts.  Orthotics may be provided as well to decrease your foot pain.    
If your wart won’t go away and it is really paining you, definitely make an appointment to see a Scottsdale foot doctor as we can start your treatment right away.  Our offices, located in Scottsdale and Sun City Arizona, are designed for your to receive the best possible wart removal treatment and foot care so that you don’t have to live with an unnecessary foot issue.
Warts are extremely common and most people have a wart at at least some point in their lives.  The trick is to treat it right away before the wart spreads and grows new warts on your feet making it harder to get rid of.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule an appointment today! 
Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman of the American Foot and Ankle Specialists are ready to help.   Call 480-483-9000 today!