Hammertoe Treatment


Relieve Hammertoe Tightness and Pain


Hammertoes are treatable by a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  They are usually caused by wearing tight restrictive shoes such as high heels or dress shoes and often affect the toe next to the big toe.  They can also be caused by a trauma to the toe or an abnormal imbalance of the toe muscles.  


The affected toe may become painful and hard to move developing corns and calluses.  It is essential to begin treating a hammertoe immediately after your begin experiencing any pain.  


Usually resolving a hammertoe includes changing your footwear and wearing prescription orthotics.  A podiatrist at either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry office will advise you on the best and most supportive shoes to wear for your foot type.  Often, a roomier shoe is recommended to relieve pressure on the curling of the toes.    


One of our podiatrist will also custom make a pair of prescription orthotics that match your walking pattern and foot shape.  Prescription orthotics provide incredible support and serve to relieve much of the pressure placed on a hammertoe.  


Podiatry Treatment


If you have persistent foot pain, it is definitely time to see a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  The reason to seek out treatment early on is that with time, the toe increasingly becomes less flexible.  The tendon of the toe is too tight causing the toes to remain in the curling shape and if this leads to consistent and painful corns and calluses, a minor surgery may be recommended.   


Additionally, strengthening and stretching home exercises can help to increase the flexibility of your toes and is a good starting place to help relieve the tension of hammertoes.   


If you are looking to find shoes that decrease hammertoes pain, I can offer you a few suggestions.  Firstly, buy shoes at the end of the day.  Your feet swell during the day and buying shoes when your feet are swollen ensure that you will always have enough room for the hammertoes.  


Avoid shoes with pointed toes and avoid shoes with high heels, which will also help you decrease the chances of back pain.  Laced or strapped shoes are both adjustable and roomier.  


We guarantee that we can help you solve this problem.  With over twenty years of experience, our podiatrist are confident that they can not only decrease any pain you are experiencing from hammertoes but find a solution that keeps your comfortable day in and day out.  


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By John Erotas