Heel Pain Causes and Treatments



Heel pain may suddenly appear making it extremely difficult to walk.  There are a few causes of heel pain that once diagnosed, are easily treated by a podiatrist. 

One of the most common forms and causes of heel pain is planter fasciitis.  The planter fascia band supports the arch and connects the heel bone to the base of the toes.  Through overuse, this band can become inflamed and extremely painful.  

Another cause of heel pain is a heel spur.  A heel spur can result from an extreme form of planter fasciitis where through consistent stress and abnormal walking patterns, a bony growth develops at the base of the heel bone.  The spur itself does not cause pain but inflammation around the area will.

Key Treatments

Prescription orthotics is a key treatment to relieve the pressures and stress that cause heel pain.  Orthotics are specifically fit to your feet and provide the maximum support while walking.  They can correct abnormal walking patterns that lead to heel pain and other future foot problems such as hammertoes, corns, and bunions.  Steroid injections are another way to relieve heel pain making it easier to walk while your heel recovers.  

One of the main ingredients to your recovery will be to rest the foot as much as possible.  The heel needs space to heal itself without sustaining extra traumas.  If you feel foot pain, try to get off of your feet as quickly as possible until the pain largely resides.  Ice will help decrease the inflammation as well as pain relievers such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Tylenol etc.).

Other treatments include regular foot massages, flexibility exercises, and ultrasound therapy.  One of our Scottsdale foot doctors will also examine your posture and walking pattern to see how that may affect one's foot pain.  

If the planter fasciitis has lasted many months and the pain is continuous, it is possible one may need more than conservative treatments.  In this case, surgery may be one’s best option to eliminate heel pain though I am able to correct most of my patient’s heel pain without a surgical procedure.  

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By John Erotas