Help Your Child Develop Healthy Feet and Walking



Children develop at a rapid rate, their minds, emotions, and bodies.  Understanding foot care is essential knowledge for parents that want their children to grow up with healthy feet and healthy walking patterns that can make them more athletic, free, and prevent all types of foot problems throughout their childhood and adulthood. 


Having your child see a podiatrist is crucial as it can guide them to the correct foot development and walking patterns that have long-lasting benefits for their entire lives. 


Foot Care For Children


As a child grows, what is the most important thing for their feet?  The answer is both to support their feet and guide them into the right walking pattern.  Doing so prevents them from developing an incorrect pattern that can lead them to walking strangely, either with an in-step, out-step, or toe-walking and severe foot problems that stem from such incorrect walking like chronic foot pain, hammertoes, calluses, and bunions.   


The feet as we all know are so vital in life and making sure your child is developing their feet correctly goes many miles toward making sure they are healthy.  A trip to the podiatry office is a sound investment for your child. 


Is Your Child Complaining of Foot Pain?


As a podiatrist, I am able to examine your child’s feet and check to see if anything is out of the ordinary.  For example, if I discover that your child is developing pain in their ankle, I heal this ankle pain, which then will not develop into a worse problem later like ankle tendinitis.  


Also, prescription orthotics are perhaps the best way to ensure your child's feet is getting the maximum support it needs and without foot pain, a child can healthily develop their walking style and have their feet continue to grow without the onset of disabling foot pain.  


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As parents, there are many things to accomplish while your child is growing and one is to make sure they have healthy feet and grow up so that their legs can take them anywhere they want.  This can potentially be accomplished by perhaps one trip to a podiatry office.  For children podiatrists are hugely beneficial.   


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By Dr. Michael Stegman