How To Protect Your Feet As A Diabetic


Winning At Diabetic Foot Care


Yes, it’s true that the risks are great and many diabetics have to amputate toes and even parts of their foot.  This doesn’t have to be you.  Diabetic foot care is all about preventing the possibility of an amputation and keeping your feet healthy everyday.  It is surprisingly simple to keep your feet healthy if you follow a few basic guidelines. 


Firstly, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  Having regular check-ups at least once every two months is critical to the health of your feet.  This is because if there is a problem, one of our podiatrists will spot it and treat it before this problems gets out of control.  


A podiatrist will treat your foot problem before it becomes an infection since infections are the main causes of needing an amputation.  We will also advise you on the right steps to take to protect your feet based on your lifestyle such as what shoes will best protect your feet and how to minimize the chances of sustaining a foot injury.


Homecare After Your Office Visits


Making sure you see a podiatrist regularly, the next step is to care for your feet at home and with a few daily routines, your chances of keeping your feet healthy exponentially increase.  As a rule, inspect your own feet everyday.  Look at the top and bottoms of your foot and try to spot any sores.  


Some diabetics some from diabetic neuropathy.  This is when there is a numbness and tingling felt in the foot and can block the experience of pain.  If there is a cut that you can’t notice because of diabetic neuropathy, it can go untreated, end up with an infection, and an amputation may then be necessary.  So check your feet for cuts and sores or anything out of the ordinary. 


If you do find a problem or a potential danger on your foot, then make an appointment at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists immediately.  Importantly, do not try to treat this problem yourself as you can potentially make it worse leading to an infection.  The whole goal is to prevent an infection and this is done through professional treatment by a podiatrist. 


It is also good to wash your feet everyday with warm water to wash away any bacteria.  This will prevent bacteria from getting into any cuts or sores you might have preventing the bacteria from infecting your feet.  Make sure to wear shoes around the house instead of going barefoot. This will help protect you from a foot injury.


As a diabetic, there are only a few simple rules to follow in order to protect your feet and if you follow them, you have a great chance at avoiding an amputation. The first step is to schedule an appointment at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists with Dr. John Erotas or Dr. Michael Stegman.  

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