How To Treat A Bunion And Reduce Pain



Solve Bunion Pain


One of the most common foot conditions that I see at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists is a bunion.  It sticks out of the side of the foot as a big bulge sticking and rubs against one’s shoes causing friction, redness, swelling, and pain.  


A bunion occurs due to an inflammation of the big to joint.  As the joint enlarges, the big toe pushes inwards toward the other toes.  The pain derives from the constant friction one feel’s against the side of their shoes.  


The Risks of Having A Bunion

There are many problems that arise from a bunion.  Firstly, it is the constant bunion pain from the friction and rubbing.  Next, if a cut develops due to the friction, it can continuously grow deeper causing intense pain.  If the cut doesn’t heal as it is being constantly irritated, an infection may occur.  A bone infection is dangerous and can even cause someone to loose their toe. 

This is especially risky for diabetics who have diabetic neuropathy.  This medical condition causes numbness so that you may not even feel the pain of the bunion.  In this case, if an infection develops, you'll also not notice the increased pain from the infection and if severe enough, you can loose your toe and perhaps even a larger part of your foot.  


How To Reduce The Size Of A Bunion


There are several methods to reduce the size of the bunion or at the very least, heal the cuts and wounds and prevent the bunion from increasing any larger in size.  


The key point is to make your feet as comfortable as possible.  This includes wearing comfortable shoes and prescription orthotics.  A common cause of bunions is tight, narrow shoes that constrict the feet like high-heels and that put pressure and stress on the toes and toe joints.  Women are the majority cases of bunions because of their consistent use of high-heels.  


In effect, switch to comfortable shoes that don’t put constant pressure on your feet.  At our office, we recommend getting a pair of prescription orthotics that align specifically to your feet and support your walking pattern.  They provide the maximum amount of support while walking and are great to curb the growing bunion.  


Bunion pads protect the bunion from rubbing up against one’s shoes helping the current cuts to heal and the redness to decrease.  Also, if the pain is unbearable, one of our Scottsdale or Sun City prodiatrists can provide a cortisone injection, which drastically reduces the pain that you are experiencing.  


After such conservative treatments, if the bunion doesn’t decrease in size or is still tremendously bothersome, a Scottsdale podiatrist may recommend surgery to re-align the toes giving the foot once again a normal shape.  


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Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas of The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have over three decades of experience treating patients with bunion problems.  The earlier that you seek treatment, the less likely your bunion will grow to a size that contributes to extraordinary pain.  


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By John Erotas