How To Treat A Foot Wart




Warts are extremely common, in fact, most people throughout their lives will have at least one wart.  Having a wart, especially one that has not disappeared after several weeks, the first thing that you want to do is see a podiatrist.  


Beginning treatment for a wart decreases it's level of contagiousness.  As warts are extremely contagious, they can easily spread to other parts of the body, form multiple warts around the wart that you currently have, and even jump and create a new wart on someone that you are close to.  


When Should I Visit A Podiatrist?


As soon as you notice the wart, visit your podiatrist.  Again, beginning treatment lessens the chances that the wart will spread.  Also, it will make sure the wart does not continue to grow and become more painful.  


It is much easier to treat one wart, than multiple warts, which may take many months to heal.  Seeing your doctor for treatment as soon as you notice the wart will go a long way towards quickly eliminating this wart.  


What Is A Plantar Wart?


A plantar wart is simply a foot wart located on the plantar, or bottom surface, of your foot.  This bottom surface has a very thick layer of skin giving the wart extra protection.  This is why often over the counter medications do not work on plantar warts and they tend to last for months, sometimes years, without the right treatment.  


A wart itself is the outgrowth of a virus.  If you look very closely at your wart, you will find tiny black dots inside the wart.  These tiny black dots are blood vessels, where the virus is actively feeding the wart.  This is another reason why it becomes difficult to treat a wart because you must not only treat the wart itself but also the virus that feeds it.  Killing the virus as well as the wart makes sure the virus doesn’t have enough strength to create another.  


Plantar Wart Treatment


Coming into the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, either Dr. John Erotas or Dr. Michael Stegman will begin your wart treatment.  There are two methods to remove the wart depending on it’s location and severity.  


One method is to use an acidic medication 10 times stronger than the medications that you will find in the store.  This helps get through the thick layer of skin on the foot and kill off the wart.  At the same time, you can take vitamin supplements and medication to treat the virus in order that it will not have the strength to regrow the wart.  Treating the virus may be key toward eliminating your wart. 


Another treatment is to remove the wart directly, whereby your podiatrist will cut out the wart in order to get rid of it.  Afterwards, a bandage will be applied and discomfort from the procedure depends on the size of the wart removed as well as how many of them there were.  


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By John Erotas