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Sustaining an ankle sprain is a minor injury but without proper treatment can become a chronic condition.  Due to the weakness of an ankle after a sprain, it is key to follow a precise treatment plan.  Many people spend six weeks healing their ankle only to re-roll it again after a simple misstep. 


Ankle sprains normally take six weeks to heal.  During your visit at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, we first take an x-ray to determine the severity of the sprain.  We want to make sure that you do have a sprain and not a fracture.  This is why seeing a podiatrist at either our Sun City or Scottsdale podiatry office is important to properly diagnose the injury. 


The first thing you should do after a sprain is lie down, elevate your foot, and ice your ankle.  Icing decreases inflammation, which decreases pain and increases ankle mobility.  It is good to ice your ankle at least twice a day for the first week after the sprain.


Protect Your Ankle! 


The key to treating the ankle is preventing further ankle damage.  If you cannot walk after your sprain, make sure to use crutches for the first few days.  Preventing further injury will help your ankle to heal quicker because it may not be as severe as first anticipated.  


Another essential ingredient to healing an ankle sprain is a restrictive ankle brace.  An ankle brace prevents much of the ankle’s mobility meaning that it cannot easily move and sustain further damage.  


During your visit, we will discuss both the best brace for you as well as footwear.  My goal as a podiatrist is to make sure your ankle heals without sustaining further injury.  Many people who do not see a podiatrist for an ankle sprain end up injuring their ankle multiple times prolonging the recovery process by weeks or months. 


After your ankle has had several weeks to heal, it is time to re-strengthen the ankle.  This is the greatest thing you can do for your ankle after it has some time to heal.  During this period, your ankle is extremely weak but you are able to walk on it.  Many people just begin walking and forget about a physical therapy to re-strengthen their ankle.


Unfortunately, this is one of the main causes of chronic ankle sprains.  The ankle is too weak to maintain the balance and weight of the body.  Only through strengthening exercises can it learn to handle to body’s weight. 

We guarantee that we can help you recover from an ankle sprain and guide you toward a fully recovery.  


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By Michael Stegman