Treatment For A Painful Swollen Toenail
As a Scottdale and Sun City podiatrist, one very common problem that I see is an ingrown toenail.  Ingrown toenails occur when a toenail pokes into the side of one’s toe skin causing a cut, foot pain, and swelling.  How does one know if they have an ingrown toenail though?
You may have an ingrown toenail if:  
1. You have pain and tenderness on one or both sides of your toenail.
2. There is swelling around your toe that almost looks like a little bubble.
3. There is redness surrounding your toe.  
4. There may be what looks like an infection on the side of your toe.
There are several causes in which you could have developed an ingrown toenail including wearing shoes that crowd your toes, having unusually curved toenails, cutting your toenails either too short or not straight enough, or somehow injuring your toenail.
While an ingrown toenail is not terrible, it is important to fix this problem asap before the pain and cut worsen, which may eventually lead to an infection.  If you are diabetic, this problem needs to be treated right away by a Scottsdale or Sun City foot doctor so that an infection does not arise causing severe complications.
In some medical literature, it may suggest that you can cut out the ingrown toenail yourself but as a Scottsdale podiatrist, I highly recommend against this.  When someone other than a trained professional tries to cut out the toenail, it often leads to more pain and a deepening of the cut.  This can lead to infection also.   
Also, many do-it-yourself jobs do not get the full nail cut away and so the nail continues to painfully prod the skin.  Definitely see a Scottsdale foot doctor for treatment so that there is little risk of injuring yourself worse.  Treating this issue sooner or later will decrease the chance of infection and prevent the condition from becoming more painful.   
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