Painful Area In The Back Of My Ankle - Sun City Podiatry Advice
Your probably reading this article because there is a terrible pain in the back of your ankle that just won’t seem to go away.  As a Sun City podiatrist, I see patients regularly with this same problem and it is my job to relieve my patients of this painful foot condition.  
Most likely, you have Achilles Tendinitis, or an inflammation of the Achilles Tendon, which is the largest tendon in the body and located right behind the ankle.  It is great that you are seeking information on how to treat this problem because with out a quick and decisive treatment, this injury can easily get worse causing the tendon to even rupture. 
With Sun City podiatry, we won’t allow this to happen.  A ruptured tendon can disable your ability to walk and can take months of extremely painful healing and rehabilitation.    This is why it is important to see your Sun City foot doctor and relieve this pain now!  Here are some common symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis that you may be experiencing:
1. Mild aching in the back of the leg
2. Severe pain after exercising
3. Tenderness and Stiffness, which occurs more frequently in the mornings and can dissipate with mild activity.
Achilles Tendinitis occurs because the achilles tendon has been overworked and stressed.  This causes swelling and pain.  The trick is to take as much pressure off of the tendon as possible in oder that it does not continue to worsen. 
There are several strategies that you can employ to alleviate Achilles Tendinitis, or the pain in the back of your ankle.  
The first thing that you can do personally is make sure, other than regular morning stiffness, when you have pain, that you get off your feet and rest.  We want to give the tendon a chance to heal and this means taking as much pressure and stress off of it as possible.  If you feel that it is being overworked, please rest and ice it.  
Ice 2-3 times per day.  This will not only decrease pain but also swelling helping the inflamed tendon to heal.  Another important thing is to wear comfortable shoes, which will give your feet the best environment to limit foot pain.  If your a woman, please don’t wear high heels.  
In our office, we will implement several strategies to get rid of this problem as quickly as possible.  One such strategy is providing you with your very own set of custom made orthotics.  These Sun City orthotics are specifically customized to your feel providing the maximum amount of support when you walk.  
The American Foot and Ankle Specialists are located in Sun City, AZ.  If you are having Achilles Tendinitis in Sun City, call 623-977-8388 and schedule a consultation today!  Same and next day appointments are often available.  It is crucial to eliminate this foot condtion before it can transform into a disabling one. Call 623-977-8388 today if you are having foot pain in Sun City and schedule a consultation with Dr. John Erotas!