Painful Toenail, Nail Sticking Into the Skin



Do you have a toenail that is sticking into the side of your skin and causing you pain?  If so, you may have an ingrown toenail.  An ingrown toenail occurs when the nail bends into the skin next to the toe.  This probably causes pain, irritation, and swelling.


The ingrown toenail is a common form of nail disease and easily treatable but it is important that you see a foot doctor quickly for treatment.  


The risk with an ingrown toenail, or that nasty nail that is sticking into your skin, is that if it keeps sticking and prodding you, you could develop cuts and sores that become infected.  You definitely do not want an infection because this may lead to complications and much more severe pain.   


Most importantly, whatever you do, do not pick the toenail yourself and try to fix it because doing it the wrong way can lead to an infection.Your big toe is most likely the toe to get an ingrown toenail.  


The symptoms of an ingrown toenail is that when you look at your toenail, you see that part of the nail is pressing into the skin and there is some pain.  This is not only painful but there may be some swelling of the skin next to the toe.  As you walk and put pressure on the toe, there is most likely some pain as well.  


Again, if there is a cut already on the toe, see a foot doctor before it get worse.  It’s better to prevent an infection than wait around for one.  


One of the common causes of ingrown toenails is ill fitting shoes.  Not having the proper shoes, maybe one with a small toe box, can push your nail into your skin causing the ingrown toenail.  Have a foot doctor advise you on the proper shoes to wear so this does not happen again. 


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By Michael Stegman