Phoenix Bunion Treatment
By John Erotas
November 27, 2015
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Treating A Bunion Fast


Bunions are an extremely common foot condition for women largely because of the straining shoes women wear such as high heels or flats without any real foot support.  Bunions grow to a size that can cause pain when they rub against a person’s shoes.  They may become swollen, red, irritated and a cut on the bunion can form even turning into an infection. 


There are several non-surgical options to stop the bunion from growing as well as possibly decrease the size of the bunion.  A bunion is largely caused by the inflammation of the big toe joint that causes the big toe to push inwards while the joint pushes outwards forming a bunion.  The first step is to decrease inflammation.



Decreasing Inflammation

Decreasing inflammation begins with putting no more extra pressure and stress on the bunion.  This is accomplished through two main means, which are custom orthotics and correct shoes.  Correct shoes means wearing shoes that support your feet and walking.  This means not wearing shoes that bother your feet like high heels.  Wearing the correct shoes will help stop the bunion from growing out farther. 

As a podiatrist, I know that custom orthotics are also essential to help the feet decrease foot pain.  Orthotics are made specifically for your feet and match your foot’s shape and walking pattern.  Many patients with bunions also have a foot shape, such as flat feet or a high-arched foot, that contributes to foot pain.  By wearing custom orthotics, you will drastically reduce the amount of stress placed on your feet while walking.  


Icing your bunion will also help to decrease swelling and you may also take anti-inflammatory medication while you make these changes.  The goal is to put your feet into an environment that supports it instead of hurting it which, unless the bunion is hereditary, has been the cause of foot pain and your bunion. 


Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman have helped patients both decrease the size of a bunion and get rid of bunions for over two decades.  The American Foot and Ankle Specialists are located in Sun City and Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona.  


If the bunion cannot be helped by moderate treatments and is causing the patient pain, surgery to eliminate the bunion is an option, which we can discuss in our office.  



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By John Erotas